Sheila Hicks, Palghat Tapestry, India, 1966

  • $68,000.00


Large and early handmade tapestry by Sheila Hicks (1937- ) from the Palghat tapestries collection.

Comtrust India, Calicut (Kerala), India, circa 1966.

Measures: 173 x 98.5 cm.

Handwoven cotton, thick meshes of cotton are added to the weft, remainder to tumble from center of the panel.

Unique, few examples made.

Victoria & Albert Museum in London, archive CIRC 2031969.

Zurich Design Museum, archive KGS 19780076.

Provenance: Tetta Kannel, Finnish textile/fashion artist. Purchased New York, late 1960s.

Literature: Sheila Hicks (Monique Lévi-Strauss) 1974 pg. 30, 31 & 33.