One of a Kind Paul Evans Forge Front Cabinet, with Rare Base, 1969

  • $550,000.00


Rare forge front cabinet on base. 

One of one, only form to exist.

Paul Evans Sculpture Front cabinet on rare base with lacquered interior

USA, 1969.
Paul Evans Studio.

Measure: 42 W x 80 H x 24 d in
Welded and enameled steel, 24-karat gold leaf, lacquered wood, paint.

Two doors conceal storage with original adjustable shelves.

Original condition.

"To me the "Sculpture Front" is the signature piece by Paul Evans.  We would go through periods where we would be focused on Sculpture Front.  Then we would move to groups of sculpture, other pieces.  But we always came back to the "Sculpture Front"."  ~Dorsey Reading