Paavo Tynell, Pair of Table Lamps, Model 5061, Taito Oy, Finland, 1940s

Pair of table lamps by Finnish lighting designer Paavo Tynell, model no.5061.

Finland late 1940s-early 1950s
Manufactured by Taito Oy

Both pieces impressed with manufacturer's label TAITO respective OY TAITO AB underside.

Measures: 42 H x 36 D cm.

Perforated brass, brass, lacquered brass, metal and cast iron.

Idman Lighting catalog No.142 pg.145.
Finland House Lighting catalog (1953) pg.27 (with Finland House model no.10403)
Idman Lighting catalog No.135 (1953) pg.43 (same model without perforation).

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