Carl-Harry Stålhane Unique Large Bowl, Rörstrand Ateljé Sweden

  • $5,000.00


Exceptional large bowl by Swedish ceramist Carl-Harry Stålhane. Made by the artist himself and Rörstrand Ateljé, Sweden c.1960.
Material glazed stoneware.
The piece is part of Stålhane´s ateljé-made pieces and is unique. Purchased from the Nordiska Kompaniet department store in Stockholm, c.1960.
Following the abstract expressionism movement in art, Carl-Harry Stålhane made a dramatic change the artistically late 1950s, when moving from refined and sophisticated 1950s modernism to more robust, primitive and free-form style. Pieces became much heavier and thicker in material compared to his previous production and a notable change happened also on glazing, when instead of using thin, flat spray glazes, Stålhane started to use brushes and spatulas to create more abstract and expressionist style. This style was first introduced to the public by Galerie Blanche in Stockholm in 1960 and became and immediate success in Sweden and internationally, making the art department production more and more vital to Rörstrand AB´s success. This piece is a prime example of Carl-Harry Stålhane's "new style".