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There is scarcely a modern lighting fixture that does not owe a debt to Paavo Tynell. He was the pioneer of the adjustable, counterbalanced lighting fixture; of the lamp that moves on a ceiling track; of the pierced metal lamps; of the small metal spotlight in striking colors to complemente modern furnishings. 

His work with studio lighting brought him international acclaim, creating works characterized by their use of polished metals such as stainless steel and brass. His boldly Minimalist forms are often combined with large, domed lighting fixtures supported by thin, spindly stands or columns. Starting his career as a tinsmith, he would eventually go on to study at Helsinki's University of Applied Arts and subsequently qualified as a master craftsman in 1913. Tynell would go on to find the company Taito Oy, which was the first in Finland to manufacture industrial lighting.

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