Paul Evans Pieces featured in "The Midcentury Furniture Designers You Need to Know"

Know your Aaltos from your Eameses.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Illustrations: Meghan Stephensen
“A leading light of the American Studio Furniture movement, Paul Evans was inspired by seemingly contradictory forces: traditional ‘folk art’ forms and the latest materials and technologies. Evans primarily worked in metal, not wood (which was favored by such fellow studio designers and Bucks County, Pennsylvania, neighbors as George Nakashima), and his best-known works are cabinets faced in high-relief, patinated steel mounts with metal glyphs, which read like brawny patchwork quilts.”
Anthony Barzilay Freund
Paul Evans Forge Front Cabinet, circa 1964
Paul Evans Studio Coffee Table, circa 1960s

Paul Evans Pieces featured in

—Posted May 16, 2017

George Nakashima

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